ChromeVox for Chrome

Would you like an audio version of the course textbook to listen to? Well, a true audio version is not available but you can have a web browser read it aloud for you using the ChromeVox extension for the Chrome web browser. Though made for the visually impaired, a screen reader may be valuable to sighted learners who would rather listen to a presentation than read a textbook. The video below demonstrates the ChromeVox extension once it has been installed in Chrome.

Get Google’s Chrome browser here.

Get the ChromeVox extension here.


One of the most challenging aspects of online learning is developing a strategy for taking notes. Online student often rely more on course content delivered in text than a normal lecture course. The blog “Online Courses” offers several note-taking strategies for online students. They are:

  • The Cornell Strategy
  • The Mapping Strategy
  • The Charting Strategy
  • The Sentence Strategy
  • The Outline Strategy

Get the details on these strategies in their blog post ” Note-Taking Strategies for Online Students”.

Ocean Currents

Courtesy NASA