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Would you like an audio version of the course textbook to listen to? Well, a true audio version is not available but you can have a web browser read it aloud for you using the ChromeVox extension for the Chrome web browser. Though made for the visually impaired, a screen reader may be valuable to sighted learners who would rather listen to a presentation than read a textbook. The video below demonstrates the ChromeVox extension once it has been installed in Chrome.

Get Google’s Chrome browser here.

Get the ChromeVox extension here.


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Your online textbook, The Physical Environment, integrates several videos from the Earth Revealed series. I encourage you to view videos from this series concerning topics discussed in the fourth unit of the course. They are a good way to help visualize earth processes and review textbook and course content.

Image: Mt. St. Helens. Courtesy USGS

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I have included links to several videos and audio programs in the online textbook. See the contents and chapter review pages for links. These resources help provide a more context and help review course content.

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