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Would you like an audio version of the course textbook to listen to? Well, a true audio version is not available but you can have a web browser read it aloud for you using the ChromeVox extension for the Chrome web browser. Though made for the visually impaired, a screen reader may be valuable to sighted learners who would rather listen to a presentation than read a textbook. The video below demonstrates the ChromeVox extension once it has been installed in Chrome.

Get Google’s Chrome browser here.

Get the ChromeVox extension here.


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Dusan Jankovic

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I’m a firm believer in the use of Web apps like Google docs.They are appealing because your data is stored online and thus accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Having you data “in the cloud” as they say, makes it accessible if you are working in your dorm or apartment, the library, or in the Brewhaus. Some, like Google Docs, can make a copy of your data on your personal computer for offline access and then automatically sync any changes once you go back online.

The blog “ReadWriteWeb” has compiled their top 10 list of Web apps for college students. I use and endorse most of them. Check them out.

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I’m all in favor of using the best the Web offers for getting by (or ahead) in school. The Lifehacker blog has a back to school roundup of web services that may make your school life easier and possibly more enjoyable. Make sure to check out the “Implement Stealth Studying” link.

Go to:  HackCollege’s Back-to-School Essential Student Know-How

Also check out the previous Geography 101 blog posting “Getting Things Done in Geography 101”

If you’ve found good a “life hacking” site, let me know!

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