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As I have time I am creating iQuiz packs for the iPod. iQuiz is a game that can be downloaded from the iTunes music store for 99 cents. It allows you to create your own quizzes and import packs from others. My quizzes randomly selects 10 questions out of 25 for each web text chapter. I’ve got five done so far. These are not required for the course, I’m just making them for those of you who own an iPod. Sorry, they won’t work on other mp3 players and have no intention of porting them to other programs any time in the near future. Links to the pack are found on the chapter review pages and the entire list is here:


iTunes Store (you need iTunes installed on your computer)

Sorry, but I also don’t provide assistance in downloading, installing and trouble shooting the iQuiz software. I would like to know if you use them.


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